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Scioto County Children Services

3940 Gallia Street
New Boston, ohio 45662

740.456.4164 phone
740.456.6728 fax

The Mission of Scioto County Children Services is to lead in the protection of children who are at-risk of, or have experienced abuse, neglect or dependency. We partner with the community to strengthen and empower families through prevention, education, advocacy and supportive services to promote family stability and permanency for children.


The following is informational in nature and is subject to change please feel free to contact either Dana Lanthorn or Angie Kemper at 456-4164 for more information.

Below is a listing of criteria to assist you in deciding if you are interested in becoming a foster and/or adoptive parent. Please be aware that fostering a child or children is sometimes a hard but rewarding task. I urge you to contact our agency if you have ever thought about becoming a foster parent. It may be the most rewarding experience for you, but you won't know unless you try.


  • Over 21 years of age
  • You can be married or single
  • If you are married, we request that you be together for at least two years
  • An income appropriate to meet your family needs
  • A fire inspection of your home by the Fire Marshall
  • Medical examinations of all residents in your home
  • A criminal background check, which includes fingerprinting
  • Completion of the agency's 36-hour orientation program
  • Completion of the agency's home study process

There are currently approximately twenty homes that our agency has certified to provide care for children. These homes all have a common goal, which is to assist our community in maintain our children as close to the birth family as possible and making our vision for a stronger maintaining community come true.

Permanency for Children
Placement into foster care is meant to be a temporary solution to a family situation that requires outside assistance and resources. Sometimes the separation enables the family to regroup so that they can more easily assume their responsibilities. If this does not happen, then permanency for the child outside of the child's birth family with extended family or kin is examined. If this is not an option, a child may be freed for adoption.

When the agency certifies your family as a foster home and the decision to place children with you is made; it is with the conviction that you have the sense of responsibility and common sense to provide the same care for these children as you have probably taken care of your own.

The children that will be placed in your home will have the classification of "special needs". This means that the child or children placed with you have suffered the effects of abuse and/or neglect. The abuse may be either physical or sexual in nature and each brings with them a set of delays and/or behaviors that must be recognized and treated.

Once a child has been placed in your home, you will be requested to provide transportation to services such as medical or dental appointments and to visitations. Depending on the type of case that you're involved, you maybe asked to have visitation in your home, the birth parents home or in a public setting such as a park. You will meet the birth parents and assist in keeping them informed of how their child is progressing. You are at this time considered to be part of the care and treatment team for this child and a role model for the parent and the child.

This is a great responsibility that is being asked of you. It can also be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It is the opportunity to assist your community in building a stronger future for its children.

We hope this information is helpful and we hope to hear from you in the very near future. If you have even the slightest interest in fostering then you should try it. You'll never know if it's something that you or your family can participate in until you try!

Our community and children need you.

Mission Statement of the Foster/Adoptive Family Service Unit

The mission of the Foster/Adoptive Family Service Unit is to provide quality caregivers for children placed in the agency's care. The foster/adoptive family requires education and supportive services to ensure quality care. The unit recruits, trains and licenses prospective foster/adoptive families and provides pre- and post-adoption services to adoptive children and families. On-going training and support is provided for our foster/adoptive families.

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UPDATED 7.21.15
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