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Office of Scioto County Emergency Management and
Office of Homeland Security

729 6th Street Lower Suite
Portsmouth, Oh 45662

(740) 355-8300 Phone
(740) 353-2804 Fax

Vision Statement

Building a safer future through effective partnerships of local government, local business and industry, emergency services, human service agencies and the Scioto County citizenry to save lives, protect property and reduce the effects of disasters through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities.

Mission Statement

Scioto County EMA will coordinate activities to support mitigation, preparation, response and recovery functions before, during and after a disaster to minimize the effects and suffering from hazards impacting the population of Scioto County.

Planning for Emergencies in Scioto County

Preparedness to cope with the effects of a disaster includes many diverse but interrelated elements, which must be woven into an integrated emergency management system involving all departments of local government and private support agencies, plus the individual citizen.

The Scioto County Emergency Operations Plan was jointly developed by Scioto County EMA in cooperation with representatives from departments and jurisdictions that have been tasked with emergency responsibilities. Planning for population protection must be a cooperative effort to avert or minimize the effects of natural, technological, including hazardous materials, civil, and/or attack related disasters; protect lives and property; and restore the stricken area to its pre-disaster status with a minimum of social and economic disruption.

The Scioto County Emergency Operations Plan, distributed to local government and support entities, is a statement of policy regarding emergency management, and assigns tasks and responsibilities to county officials and department heads, specifying their roles during an emergency or disaster situation. It was developed pursuant to Resolution by the Board of Scioto County Commissioners per State and Federal Guidelines and Laws.

The first step in the planning process identified each hazard that is a possible threat to the county and its political sub-divisions and provided the basis for the basic plan and functional annexes. The second step assessed the resources of each governmental entity and the third step was to develop response procedures based solely on the resources. The Scioto County Emergency Operations Plan is on file for the public to review at the EMA office by calling (740) 355-8300.

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