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Floodwall Murals

The idea of painting murals on the Portsmouth floodwall first occurred to lifelong Scioto COunty resident, Dr. Louis R. Chaboudy in 1992 after viewing outdoor murals in Steubenville, Ohio.

When Dr. Louis and wife, Ava Chaboudy searched for a muralist to transform the floodwall, they looked for someone who would not only paint a picture but would bring Scioto County’s rich history to life. They wanted someone talented enough to amaze and attract tourists, to tell a story, and to capture the imaginations of those who have an appreciation for art as well as those who have never been exposed to art. They found that person in internationally known muralist, Mr. Robert Dafford. In February 1992, Mr. Dafford came to Portsmouth to meet with the committee. In May 1993, less than one year after the visit to Steubenville, painting began on the longest mural in the project, 20 feet x 160 feet. The mural project was completed in October of 2002 with 2,200 feet of art along the Ohio River. The project has become the largest known work of art by a single artist.

Since 2002 there have been many more murals added to the collection. Over the years word has spread far and wide of the beatuiful "Floodwall Murals". They are truly something that has to be seen to be believed.

Click H E R E to see examples of the Murals and find out more about them!

UPDATED 4.22.12
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