Rolling Hills, green forests, lush valleys and scenic waterways. Scioto Introduction to our countyCounty is located in south central Ohio -- the first region of Ohio to be settled and rich with tradition. Its pioneer heritage has created a strong and proud work ethic among its citizens who are renowned for their honesty and loyalty and also their craftsmanship and professionalism. These proud people consistently turn their productivity into profitability for businesses located within this region.

Once a thriving river port and steel town, Portsmouth, the county seat, is revitalizing its economy through technological advances, improved educational opportunities and tourism. State-of-the-art companies in varying industries such as plastics, vinyl windows and welding, are starting to find a home in our rural setting. Companies who have been located here for a long time are finding expansion opportunities, including Sunoco Chemicals (formerly Aristech) and OSCO Industries. Ohio's youngest university, Shawnee State, is expanding quickly. The beautiful campus and excellent degree programs offer students a positive outlook for the future. From breath-taking murals painted on the floodwall to Shawnee State Forest, there are many tourist attractions within the county. A proposed interstate, along with our current air, rail, water and highway transportation networks offer businesses excellent outlets to markets around the world.

Families relaxing: A necessary ingredient for any business is a good environment for its people. The rich quality of life present in south central Ohio makes it an attractive place to work, live and raise a family. The hills, valleys and rolling plains are blessed with an abundance of natural resources for relaxation and recreation.

We invite you to explore the opportunities present in Scioto County.