Scioto County Demographics

Population as of 2010 Census: 79,499

Land area: 612.3 square miles
County seat: Portsmouth

Scioto County is located in the south-central portion of the state bordering on the Ohio River. U.S. Route 52, and State Routes 125, 140, 348 and 522 cross the county east and west and U.S. Route 23, and State Routes 73, 104, 139, 335, and 772 run north and south. The confluence of the Scioto and Ohio Rivers occur in Scioto County and the county's hilly terrain has been described as "The Little Smokies".

The population is expected to increase to 85,800 by 2015. Its 1999 population of 80,353 ranked 32nd in the State. From 1998-99, net migration numbers revealed that more people moved out of the county than moved in. In 1999, the personal income per capita reached $18,978, while the state of Ohio averaged $21,171.

Poverty numbers in 1997 shows an overall rate of 21% for the county and 11% across Ohio for all persons.

In 1999, more persons were employed in the health care and social assistance industries. The largest payroll came from the health care and social assistance sectors, and the retail trade industry had the largest number of establishments. In 1998, Scioto County had a net increase in the number of businesses started.

In 1997, cash crop receipts totaled $8,649,000, while livestock cash receipts totaled $8,526,000. In 1997, an average of 163 acres per farm combined for 630 farms across a total of 102,981 acres in farm use. In 1997, soybeans generated the largest amount of crop cash receipts, while cattle produced the largest of amount of livestock cash receipts.

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