Recorder's Office

Irene Ashley

Scott Campbell
Chief Deputy

Paul Allard
Janet Turner and
Gail Alley

602 Seventh Street - Room 110 Portsmouth, Oh 45662 Phone: 740.355.8304

The County Recorder is the keeper and protector of the most vital records in the County; therefore, it is the most valuable library. One may say... what's the use, why keep records? An unknown writer once observed that "a nation which neglects and disregards the records of its past, is soon a nation that has no future to which it may look forward."

The office of the County Recorder is extremely important in the legal structure of our society. The right to own property under our system of government, is a part of the freedoms we enjoy. Without property ownership rights, all our other freedoms would soon collapse. The Recorder's records are the guardian of this precious right.

In order to own and protect land, and the right to improve or dispose of land, man early in history created a recording system.

In Ohio, the Recorder, as an elected public official, not only holds trust of the people, but is charged by law with the exacting duty of keeping the record books required by law, to be kept. The Recorder and Deputies must have knowledge of more than forty different legal instruments that are recorded or filed in their care. These records are vital to every person in the County - each property owner, every business and to the State and Federal governments.

Particular stress is placed by law on the faithful and correct performance of the duties of the Recorder. Fees collected are paid into the County General Fund, through the Auditor's Office to the County Treasurer at the close of each month. Three days are allowed by law to complete this accounting.